The Experience Conference hosts 12 of the most influential web practitioners on the planet.

The speakers at this year's conference are covering a range of topics in a mix of traditional lecture, hands-on labs, and interactive sessions.

  • Andrew Highton photo thumbnail

    Andrew Highton

    Andrew is the Director of Engineering for MintMemory and an active conference speaker covering user interaction, agile methodologies, and user-centered design.

  • Benji Buttonworth photo thumbnail

    Benji Buttonworth

    Benji is the design lead for TekSmurf and the creator of the leading WYSINQWYG rich text editor.

  • Charles Hemmingworth photo thumbnail

    Charles Hemmingworth

    Charles is VP of Customer Experience at FindItOutFirst, which is a Hired Hot100 startup. He is also the author of the book Experience Matters and a former Director of Design at the New York Herald.

  • Kenneth Brangles photo thumbnail

    Kenneth Brangles

    Kenneth is a freelance user interaction designer based in Sydney, Australia and the creative director of Experience.

  • Nico Hanton photo thumbnail

    Nico Hanton

    Nico has designed dozens of digital and physical products for Leuters - across news, financial, and business divisions.

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